Mittwoch, April 06, 2005

My first role: Timer

Have been to the Toastmasters again. They have a new president. Despite being a guest they assigned a role to me: Timer.

Subjective Feedback:

  • They gave me a lot of positive feedback. So obviously I did my job well.

Objective Feedback:
  • More than 30 Ahs. That's too much (in my opinion) but okay for an absolute beginner.
Things to share:
  • Always bring a pen and paper
  • You start you speech with "Thank you Mr. General Evaluator. Dear Toastmaster of the Evening, Toastmasters, honoured guests"
  • Preparation (Google): Let the topics pull you through
  • Rehearsal: Silently, finnish every session (otherwise you will have a good start and a poor finish)
  • Mentally visualise you success.