Donnerstag, Januar 11, 2007

Table Topics Master - Internet Domains

Yesterday I was Table Topics Master. It was the first evening in 2007 in a new venue.

One thing to remember: All attendees should have a chance to speak. So get a list of all attendees and check off all those people how already have a role. Pick those how are left on the paper first.

Get into Action:

Receive control from the Toastmaster of the Evening.

"Mr. Toastmaster of The Evening, thank you for the introduction.

I have the honour to lead you through the Table Topics section of this evening today.

As the Table Topic Master I will conduct the impromptu speeches - they are 1½ to 2 Minute ad hoc speeches, that help you to learn to speak unprepared, and deliver a coherent speech while thinking on the feet.

Because this is the first evening of the year. Because this is out first evening in the new venue, I tough of something special.

Normally the TTM sets a theme and asks questions. Sometimes you do not much about the TTM’s theme. Today you will know nothing. You might think this is going to be a nightmare if I pick you, but I know giving a brilliant speech about a topic you know nothing about is second nature for a Toastmasters.

The best thing about it is: It gives you the opportunity to make use of the three golden rules of Table Topics without feeling guiltily:
  • Lie
  • Cheat
  • Steal
In other words: If you don't know what to say you have two options: Keep your mouth shut or be creative. Today I want you to be creative.

My overall topic is the brave new internet and all the companies that mushroom from and in it. Many of you heard of YouTube or MySpace. You may know Flickr and even

But can you tell me what these companies are offering? //** show the prepared signs and wait until they stopped laughing **// - A site where you customize and buy pens online. - An advertising film director’s home page - An Italian Power Generator company

Now it’s up to you. You are the CEOs of some high-flying company. Imagine yourself at this very important convention. In this very moment you are asked to give a short speech about you and company.

Your company’s website is //**show the prepared sign and pick your victim **// - A metasearch interface that queries Google, Yahoo!, and MSN simultaneously... - is a web-based borrowing and lending exchange where people like you and me lend other people like you and me money. They disintermediate the bank. - A design and programming agency for Second Life and alikes. - A site where can make free international phone calls - uses computer power to predict the direction of plane fares. That helps travelers figure out the optimum time to buy a ticket. - Web calendar site - offers free, instant valuations of 67 million U.S. homes. The site says most of its estimates are within 10% of the eventual selling price. - Photo sharing site with custom photo galleries

Thank you very much for there very inspiring and eye opening views into the world of yet unseen services and business models."

Hand over control to the Toastmaster of the Evening.

Additional resources:


Though I was properly prepared with a lot of visual aids (big paper printouts with the URLs) I made an imortant mistake. While giving the introductional speech I decided to change the skript and include a little creativity exercise. It was surely fun but it made this long section even longer. The overall idea was good and most of the speakers found creative and funny ways to make a sales pitch for something they didn't know what it was about.

I forgot one of the members. One aspect of TT is to make sure that every attendee has a chance to speak. I didnt make a list of all and so forgot about one.

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